sâmbătă, 12 septembrie 2009


Cara Maria,

The moon smiles down on us tonight fully...her halo pushes back the clouds, clearing her dance space. the hour is late, and so am i, and yet I cannot sleep...my thoughts lie with you

perhaps you have heard these words before,
from some other lost paramour,
yet from these wells do they spring true,
for i have not lived until i met you,

they do not come easy, as mirages in your sight,
just a wish and i will cover your shoulders,
I'll be a shadow dancing in your moonlight,
igniting your passion until it smolders,
if your hopes scatter like the dust across your path,
let me show you all the wonders Eden hath,

lips like melted creme brule,
skin as soft as the breaking day,
eyes as inviting as a sun's ray,
and a kiss leaving me with nothing to say,

every inch a woman, every curve a mile,
how many men have been lost in your smile?
it was a terrible game to play,
to bring me close yet keep me at bay,
it is a consumption far removed,
from what sane men ever approved,

yet here i am bemused by thoughts,
of lasciviously sweet what-nots,
my hunger grows, my yearning peaks,
the tiger in me, my horse seeks,
for she is for me, as i for her,
my life, my loves, become a blur,

I am not well, this i know,
emotion ever is a cruel mistress,
Aphrodite demands a private show,
and yet with this....i cannot second-guess,

when your eyes smile,
you are my morning, noon, and night,
my midnight sun, my full moon's light,
finally, the last mile,

my morning breath, my evening sigh,
what more can i say to make you mine?

doar niste ganduri inspirate de la luna plina mea care nu ascunde nimic... Wink (2)

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